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Escapes from hell


China Gorman

Corporate Daycare

Employment Intelligence

Flipchart Fairytales

Gary Franklin’s Blog


Hire Strategies

HR Bartender

HR Fishbowl

HR Ringleader

HR with Balls

Innovation Beehive

Inside my Head

Karen Wise’s HR Blog

Louise’s UK Recruiter Blog

Mint Resumes

Occupational Psychologist on Life

Pseudo HR

Recruiting Futurology

Sirona Says

Strategic HCM

The HRockstar

The Cynical Girl

The Recruiting Unblog

T Recs

Unbridled Talent

Upstart HR

Welcome to the Occupation

Wendy the Recruiter

Non HR

Abi Signorelli

A Different Kind of Work


Diary of a Gold-Digger

Dumb and Glamorous


Henry Berry

Joe Gerstandt

Riding the Ripple

Stop Doing Dumb Things to Customers

The Class Factotum Speaks

The Social Senate

Wise Man Say

This isn’t an exhaustive list of the blogs that I read, there are plenty more. If I’ve forgotten yours just let me know and we’ll all squeeze up and make space.

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  1. Doug Shaw permalink
    12/08/2010 12:53

    Oooo – thanks for squeezing up. Appreciate it.


  1. Shouldering the blame « My Hell is Other People

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