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They seek him here

What some of you lovely people have been saying about me.

“Heaven is My Hell is Other People”

“Sea Badgers and the Secret Social Recruiting Society called #socreccamp”

“Pick of the Blogs – My Hell is Other People”

“@TheHRD Unmasked? A Bigger Mystery than the Loch Ness Monster”

“A sense of belonging”

“A real life community case study”

“Community Dissent. How Wise Man Say would have handled TheHRD”

“Rant Time: Some HR Home Truths”

“HR Blogs and Blogging Habits: The Top Six HR Blogs Revealed”

“CIPD defends ‘Think HR, Think Again’ campaign following Backlash”

“HR and Communications: The Uncomfortable Relationship”

“Secrets and Laughs”

“From Virtual to Reality”

“Pick of the Blogs: My Hell is Other People”

“Predilection for Negativity”

“Carry on Glamping”

“@TheHRD I thank you”

“Twitters role in freeing Human Resources”

“Blogging anonymously”

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