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Get your retaliation in first….


Today I came across the strangest thing, an apologist for Thatcher AND one prepared to go under their real name.

Now I’ll be the first to agree Thatcher has a whole world of stuff to apologise for, but I don’t believe this was his aim.

Apparently her much heralded speach on society was actually a call to arms to take responsibility for one another and I was quite remiss.

And criticised me for dubbing her a tyrant (Lady Thatcher that is).

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  1. Fernando Mando the First permalink
    04/16/2009 18:55

    Was this man Gordon Brown?

  2. HRD permalink
    04/16/2009 20:04

    @Fernando – Not on this occasion, this was full on defense of our dear Lady T – soon may she be pushing up the daisies. I had suggested that she was a tyrant….apparently that was just one step too far……

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