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You give me fever


CEO: HRD? C’est moi

HRD: Wassup…..
CEO: This f***ing pig sickness thing….maladie des cochons
HRD: Mmhmmm
CEO: I mean… we have a strategy?  We need to give the board some reassurance.
HRD: Do we……
CEO: We do…..
HRD: OK, well….I have it on my list of things to do….along with world peace
CEO: I mean, what do we do if it spreads?
HRD: I thought we’d try not to catch it….
CEO: You’re not f***ing funny.  Anyway I need you to come up with a f***ing plan and PDQ.
HRD: CEO I’m not sure you realised when you hired me, but actually I have quite a lot of experience in the niche area of Swine Fever
CEO: Really?….Fantastic!  Thats excellent……………….you’re joking aren’t you?
HRD: Mmhmm 
CEO: Just get it f***ing done
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  1. humanresourcespufnstuf permalink
    05/01/2009 20:38

    Mexico is a huge vacation destination for folks here, and we are now banning people from returning to work until 1. They have been back in the States for 72 hours, and 2. They bring in a doctor’s note confirming them to be flu free.

    I say why plan? A well designed plan only limits our ability to over react…

  2. Lena permalink
    05/02/2009 01:45

    Maladie des cochons… That one is really messing with my head…
    The most difficult part for us here is trying to keep sane…Swine Flucity… The place to be…

  3. HR Good_Witch permalink
    05/03/2009 10:36

    I’m sooooooooo glad I now work somewhere that the Security staff are mostly responsible for this sort of thing!!

  4. HRD permalink
    05/03/2009 19:49

    @Puf – Plan? I’m kicking this one into the long grass and hoping it passes, then write something about Avian Flu and hope that hits next and I’ll be prophetic
    @Lena – Good luck in Mexico….and sorry for my humorous french!
    @HR Good_Witch – You know you want it really! Go on try a little Swine Flu planning….

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