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Ciao Bella

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**ring, ring**
CEO: HRD, Hi. How are you? HRD: CEO……how are you…..?
CEO: Good, good. Did you see my email.
HRD: Email? One sec. Yep got it. About the car?
CEO: Yes, chap we made redundant. Wants to hold onto the car for a couple of months. I’d really like to. If thats ok?
HRD: Sure, ok. Thats cool.
CEO: …………….Really? Oh……..
HRD: Sure. I’ll get someone to make the arrangements.
CEO: Thats…..wonderful. Thank you.
CEO: Yes.
HRD: Can I ask you a question?
CEO: ………..yes
HRD: You sound strange, different, relaxed. Where are you?
CEO: I’m away. On holiday.
HRD: Ohhh….really?……..and you phoned to ask my permission? OK well….enjoy your holiday CEO.
CEO: You too HRD, you too.
HRD: But I’m not…..

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