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The forces of nature collude



I am aware that I was quiet last week and not my usual gobby self… apologies.  This is for me a hobby, not a profession and at times the real world has a habit of getting in the way.  Unfortunately I can’t control the outside world…..believe me…..if I could………

And as if to prove a point, I was going to write something quite cerebral this morning (well for me anyway) but following a mercy dash late last night to try to help solve the problems of some people I care for, hitting black ice this morning on the drive in – going around corners sideways is not my preferred modus operandi, and a surgical procedure to look forward to this afternoon….well hell, I kind of lost my mojo.

So I’ll be back tomorrow, with the aforementioned, non ranty post.  In the meantime, play nicely…..

PS – As many of you have kindly pointed out, my twitter account was hacked last week.  If you received a tweet from me last week of a sexual nature – it was spam.  If you receive a tweet from me this week of a sexual nature, you’ll know I like you!

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