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Ice cream castles in the air



So day 5 of the Ashbo arrives and there is still not a plane to be seen in the skies, well unless you include the one with Willie Walsh on proving that not only is he happy to take on Unite, but he also fancies having a go at the Gods too.  With time passing, the jokes are coming thick and fast too,

Q: “What’s the difference between Eyjafyoll and Cheryl Cole?”

And of course the frenzy of journalism is building to a crescendo with talks of Dunkirk spirit abound

I’m sorry for anyone trapped, I really am.  But quite frankly I wouldn’t bat an eyelid if I never saw an aeroplane again……ever.

I can do without bananas, I don’t need to travel far to see beautiful countryside and I think the medium term impact on the economy would be a wholly good thing. And that is before I touch on the carbon emissions and environment benefits.

But it looks like I’m in a minority so instead of pissing in the wind on yet another subject, I started to wonder which things in life I couldn’t do without (other than friends and family which go without saying).  And I came up with this, in no particular order

– Cheese and Wine

– Music

– The internet

Which worryingly sums up my life…..!

Your thoughts?


A: “Eyjafyoll is still blowing Ash”

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  1. Skurve permalink
    04/24/2010 07:25

    Gosh, what a scary game this is. Have to agree with you that cheese is one of my daily pleasures.

    After that it’s South Park, Judge Dredd, The Super Furry Animals and Wayne Rooney.

    I really need to get a hobby. Or a gun.

  2. 04/26/2010 07:37

    @Skurve – ………….Wayne Rooney? I was with you until then…..I’d go for the gun!

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