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Fate mate



So how about this….what if, and indulge me for a moment, what if there are people out there, people in the world that you are absolutely supposed to meet?

Have you ever had that feeling when you meet someone and with a matter of minutes it feels like you have known them for a whole load longer?  You get their humour, you have shared points of reference, shared interests.

Now that could be luck right? I mean when you think about all the people that you meet in life.  Or could it be something other than that?

And if you think about it doesn’t it make it much more interesting to get up in the morning knowing that today might be the day when you meet another?

One of those people you were supposed to meet.

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  1. Beth Mayes permalink
    02/01/2011 08:20

    Me thinks the impending Valentines day is getting to you!

    Seriously, I did feel like that with Mr M.

  2. Mel B permalink
    02/01/2011 09:19

    Theo – Yesterday I completely missed the point – today I totally get the point.

    Like you I meet LOTS of people – people that you can instantly forget in 5 minutes, people that become the flavour of the month and people that you just instantly click with that you know will be around for the long term. A wise woman (my friend Els) said to me a few years back that friends are for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I frowned a bit at the time, but nowadays its an addage I return to time and time again.

    And for the record I dont think its down to luck – its down to having the right attitude, as that is what will attract the right kind of people. The people that put a grin on your face every single day.

  3. 02/01/2011 09:28

    So agree. Each of us is a miracle – that our planet was created, that man evolved, that our ancestors met and the stars aligned so that the exact versions of us ended up being born.

    And then all those decisions we make throughout our lives – big and miniscule – that lead us to people, places and experiences. So many different possible outcomes… millions upon millions! Yet here we are 🙂

    As I often say to Mr J: I have no regrets, because how can anyone say all this is chance? IMHO that sh*t stinks…

  4. garethmjones permalink
    02/01/2011 10:40

    Beautiful. It’s official. You are bipolar.

  5. Corporate Daycare permalink
    02/01/2011 13:46

    I completely subscribe to this line of thinking.

    There are the people like you describe in your post – those that you click with instantly and have a great rapport.

    And then there are those thatI feel like I have been fated to meet/work with/become related to people that test the very limits of my sanity and I know within moments of meeting them that I will spend all my time trying to control my fists of death.

    Here’s hoping that today I meet one of first kind of people.

  6. KarenF permalink
    02/01/2011 13:46

    I absolutely agree Theo! I believe we are presented with what we need within easy reach. Its what we do with it which is the key.

    I was ‘supposed to meet two people (in the twitter community)whose purpose was to set me on a differnt course. I am not sure I have made the most of that opportunity but I now have a set of twitter buddies who continue to inspire me with their views, thoughts and opinions on a daily basis and thus presenting me with countless opportunities.

    Are we supposed to meet do you think?????

  7. 02/01/2011 14:00

    Yes! Instant, lifetime friends whom you completely get and who understand you. But there are so few of them.

  8. 02/01/2011 14:32

    It’s absolutely not fate. Not written in the stars, not predestined and certainly not inevitable. There is nothing more ridiculous than the phrase “it was meant to be”.

    Everything that feels like it, can be explained, even though there’s no need to. And yes, random chance is an acceptable explanation. A great many questions that can be asked (about the world, the universe and everything), have no need of an answer.

    Having said all of that, I agree that it feel fantastic when it happens.

  9. Sukh Pabial permalink
    02/01/2011 15:07

    I don’t know if I’m a believer in fate as such. As a Sikh we’re taught to believe that what happened in our past life is reflected in this life. Karma. It’s more complicated than you ran over a rabbit, and you’re now a rabbit. Equally though, this means that we’re taught to believe in predestination. Everything we do is by God’s will. That can be a hard pill to swallow. So I believe in some basic principles that allude to this.

    I believe we meet those we set ourselves on a path to meet. We are all conscious of every decision and action we make. We may lay blame elsewhere, but ultimately only you choose to act. As such, only you choose to interact with those you meet. How you interact is dependent on a myriad of factors, but essentially you made the decision.

    To illustrate, are successful people successful because they were destined to meet? No. They are because they acted in the right ways for them that enabled them to be a success. Do they meet other successful people because they were destined to? No. They met them because they acted in ways which attracted others to them, and made others attractive to them. Do they have a following because they were destined to be great? No. They have a following because they act in ways which inspire others to follow them.

  10. 02/01/2011 15:23

    I believe in fate, true love and true friendship. It makes my life a lovely place to be, whether my beliefs are true or not. The fact I could get up tomorrow and meet someone that will rock me to the core is a good enough reason to accept invitations, go to new places and embrace each day with a renewed positivity.
    We met through a chance conversation – and our friendship in such a short space of time has already included camping, fundraising and me wearing your shoes! Fate do you think? 😉

  11. MegP permalink
    02/01/2011 18:03

    I ain’t so sure about this. I have deep and lasting friendships with people that started on a rocky road, but we pushed through because there was something there that had more of a pull than those with whom I instantly connect. Call it an attraction if you will, something that makes you curious and makes you want to know more, and it continues. Some of the instant connections have lasted but more of them have been transient.

  12. 02/01/2011 21:00

    It’s a complete waste of time knowing me. I bring nothing to the table. I have nothing to talk about. Keep moving. Nothing to see here.

  13. 02/05/2011 12:09

    Call it fate or something else, but it exists. My example is Mervyn Dinnen. For some reason, tweeting with him early on when I joined Twitter, I just “knew” we were supposed to be friends. It’s not that he said anything specific, nor did I, we just clicked. Meeting him in person was like getting to hang out with my oldest and dearest friend. I don’t have that with everyone. It’s pretty cool when it happens.

  14. 02/14/2011 08:52

    @Beth Mayes – Valentine’s what?

    @Mel B – I’m stealing that saying…..I’m going to pretend I made it up…..

    @Wendy Jacob – No regrets…..nope…none….

    @garthmjones – And proud!

    @Corporate Daycare _ “The fists of death” – loving it!

    @KarenF – Believe me…’ll know if we do 🙂

    @The gold digger – But that makes them all the more valuable no?

    @Stephen O’Donnell – I think my version makes life feels more enjoyable…..

    @Sukh Pabial – I wish I could believe in something…..

    @sarknight – Fateful perhaps! 🙂

    @MegP – Sure they won’t all last, but then the ones that do….aren’t they the ones that we value?

    @laurie ruettimann – Yeah you do…..good teeth……

    @Trish McFarlane – Absolutely….and someone has to be friends with Merv 🙂


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