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Restructuring, downsizing, sacking…


The headlines are full of the number of job losses going on both in the City but also across the country, in every industry.  Our thoughts rightly should go out to those losing employment with the inevitable impact on their families, friends, communities.

But also, stop and spare a thought for the poor HR person involved.  Often perceived by the employee to be the hatchet man (how many times have I heard of managers saying “HR have told me…..”), loathed my the line manager for making them deliver a message they would rather have nothing to do with (funny how they always want to own the promotions and the salary increased) and battered and bludgeoned by the Unions as being the voice of Management.
My team have been doing this for the last month, dealing with emotional, angry and confused employees.  Managing emotional, angry and confused Managers.  And in more than one case then going home to a partner who is also being made redundant in their own workplace.
Sure its the job we do and we need to “take the crunchy with the smooth sometimes”  But spare a quiet thought……
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  1. Fernando Mando the First permalink
    04/05/2009 20:59

    It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that if you love someone you should set them free

  2. HRD permalink
    04/06/2009 20:17

    Compassion at its uttermost……

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