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Its the delivery stupid……


How often is poor communication the cause for confusion, anger, upset?

How often do we send a text message, speak on the phone, type an email (or all three for the superbly talented) whilst we are doing something else?

How much importance do we really place on ensuring we are communicating effectively?

These are the questions I’m mulling over having miscommunicated badly. Really badly.

As in nearly end of the world, meteor storm showering the earth badly.

As in poke every square inch of my body with a red hot needle badly.

As in…..well you get the picture….

I knew the message I wanted to communicate, I knew the message I wanted to get across. But I was really busy and I got it wrong.

Under challenge I was defensive. I mean if you look at the words that were communicated then sure they could have been taken the wrong way. But that wasn’t my sentiment that wasn’t what I was trying to get across. That wasn’t the message I wanted to convey, I mean can’t they understand that?

The cold light of day shows me that it was my error. It didn’t matter that I was busy. It didn’t matter that I had a million other things vying for my attention. I was more concerned with task than with the message.

How many times does that happen each day?

4/10 HRD. Must try harder.

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  1. Sayya26 permalink
    07/14/2009 12:50

    Wow…It happens quite often. Sadly though in an office full of women, things get said once the wrong way and you're going to live to regret it for the rest of your working days- which leads to even more poor communication- or none at all.

    You're right though- too often we focus on the task, and ignore the message. I think it's because we've become so used to more impersonal forms of communication that whether it's face to face, over the phone, or electronically, we react the same way now- dispassionately and without care of consequence.

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