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The one to make you feel all warm inside


Two posts today on two differing topics……

In the UK, it has rained throughout July, the Met Office have revised their forecast for August from “hot and sunny” to “variable”. Swine flu is on the increase, the recession is still biting hard, Whitney Houston has a new album coming out and the Government is hanging by a thread. But…..BUT there are reasons to be cheerful! Ohh yes there are…..

A copy of the book “You are really rich, you just don’t know it” fell into my sweaty palms this week. And my initial reaction was similar to being told that your best friend is actually a closet Celine Dion fan. But I had a train journey and I had managed to leave my iPod somewhere (please email if you find it, its recognisable by the blend of quality music from throughout the 90’s!).

The book is the result of research into a replacement to the traditional financial value system. In a nutshell they asked 1000 people to rate 50 life events and 5 items of monetary value on a happiness scale. They then did some mathematical jiggery pokery and came up with a cash value for the life events. And the results really cheered me up.

Topping the charts was “having good health” which is worth £180,589 closely followed by my favourite “being told ‘I love you’” which weighed in at £164,921. And of course laughing (£108,021) is worth more than sex (£105,210). But imagine if you could combine the two……

Take a look at Since reading it I have felt a warm glow….and no I haven’t spilt my coffee on my lap again…..

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  1. humanresourcespufnstuf permalink
    07/29/2009 15:05

    I need this book. If laughter has such a high monetary value there are a lot of club owners that owe me money. Based on this reckoning (and if I'm able to accurately convert your money from pounds, to meters, to bangers,and back to dollars) when I perform a half hour set for an average crowd of 150, I'm being paid like 1/1,000,000,000 of what I deserve per laugh.

  2. teresahrgirl permalink
    07/30/2009 16:43

    Since now you know my dirty secret that I read your blog, here's a comment for ya.
    I'm really glad that you got back a little of that lovin' feeling.. hope it gives you the warm fuzzies for a while at least.

  3. HRD permalink
    07/31/2009 07:31

    @Puf – Happy to send a copy to you! You can use it as a negotiating strategy.
    @Teresa – Welcome (officially). Don't worry, I'm all loved up! No more diatribes…..


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