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Tip of the day


1) Do not send links to porn from your work computer
2) If you are going to send links to porn, don’t accidently send to all users
3) If you are going to send links to porn to all users, don’t work in the IT department responsible for internet usage

Follow these simple tips and you are unlikely to get into my bad books. Unlike some people…..

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  1. Henry Berry permalink
    09/02/2009 10:12

    But what other use does an IT department have than to direct you to the best porn sites?

  2. Corporate Daycare permalink
    09/02/2009 13:44

    Your post just made me burst out laughing…

    …and can you forward me the email with those links?!

  3. Sayya26 permalink
    09/02/2009 14:01

    hehehe…are you saying this really happened?? seriously? wow….

  4. natahle permalink
    09/02/2009 14:46

    This actually made me laugh out loud!!! Thanks for sharing!

  5. HRD permalink
    09/04/2009 07:16

    @Henry – Clearly this individual has been coached by you in the past!
    @Corporate Daycare – Do you really want to see Sexy Natasha pov???
    @Sayya – Yep, I'm afraid so…
    @Nathale – You're welcome, I hope there weren't any hot drinks about!

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