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Conversations with the CEO

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Regular readers will have noticed that I have not recently had a conversation with the CEO.

So have I.

If anyone sees a slightly mad, swearing, manic individual can they place let me know?

We need to talk.

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  1. novice-hr permalink
    10/22/2009 21:44

    I know.. what happened? I miss those precious talk that you have with the CEO.. haha
    But in case I haven't said it before, i love your blog HRD.. you're very funny.

  2. Fernandomando permalink
    10/22/2009 23:28

    There are eleven words that transcend business etiquette and will put the CEO in his place:

    I love to love, but my baby just loves to dance.

  3. HRD permalink
    11/02/2009 13:28

    @novice-hr -Thank you, that's very kind feedback.

    @Fernando – I'm not sure they're the dancing kind!

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