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Strange things happen, when you’re not around


I’m sat writing this on the laptop in my dining room, looking out on the snow which has once again fallen and prevented me from getting into work.  I am reliably informed that this has been the heaviest snow fall in the UK since the 1980’s and in one part of Scotland it has been snowing non-stop for 17 days.  Even the Isle of Wight has 4 inches of snow… Barbados still has a chance I guess?

And with the all-pervading weirdness outside of the window comes weirdness in the world of my blog.  I’m not sure whether some of this is down to my incompetence or just “one of those things” (experienced bloggers please feel free to enlighten me!).

The search terms that have brought people to this site continue to amaze and worry me.  The worry is two-fold, that people are entering these terms AND that I wrote something that contained the combination of words in the first place!  My favourite recent combinations are,

singing + sheep

elvis + body + odor

osama bin laden + sheep

cartoon + porn

nutella + chocolate + cock

bugs bunny + spit + tobacco

This was supposed to be a unique and piquant view on the world of work, business and people….how the hell did I get to writing about all of that?  I’m wondering whether as Ryan suggested it could be mercury poisoning????  Maybe I should post some serious deliberations on the Ulrich model or Human Capital thinking to counterbalance.  A kind of ying yang thang…..

Then on 2 January I noticed a strange increase in the number of visits to my site and posts on a specific topic.  The normal trend on this site is that Monday to Friday traffic is high, Saturday and Sunday it goes off a cliff.  So for this to happen on a Saturday and the Saturday after New Year as well seemed……well strange!  Turns out those cheeky little monkeys at were having a little bit of mutual intellectual masturbation and hand landed on my site as a place to spill their loads.  Thanks guys…….the dry cleaning bill is in the post.

Finally, yesterday saw my highest ever day of traffic on the site, with visits up three-fold.  I didn’t post anything.  I didn’t really comment on anybody else’s site.  I didn’t say anything controversial (that I remember).  And I didn’t offer a competition to win my body for the night(!)

Any insight anyone can give me would be more than welcome.  On the weather, cartoon porn, what you do with nutella and……ok not on that one.  Explanations on a postcard addressed to TheHRD, I’m Confused Competition, c/o Hell.  And don’t forget to state your full name and address…..

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  1. teresahrgirl permalink
    01/06/2010 16:50

    well enjoy the day off and i swear i’m not the nuttella and penis addict. But what a great combo that would be! and oh so nutritious right?

    By the way… i guess the bad economy finally caught up to me cause i was given notice of my lay off on Monday to be effective on March 31st. Happy freakin’ New Year. LOL

  2. RyanW permalink
    01/06/2010 17:28

    I checked up on you after reading some of your posts on PunkRockHR. It seems that our posts are always in the same vicinity as mine. Yesterday’s post added the element of some jackass named Bill. So I didn’t follow cocks or nutella to your site. Sorry to disappoint.

    From what I’ve seen so far, you should not worry about falling short of the “unique and piquant view on the world of work, business and people” goal. I’m not you, so it’s unique to me and I’ll continue to check in.

    Who knows, the mercury may make take the column over the edge in 2010, though I wouldn’t recommend. Dennis Leary had a comedy routine outlining his carcinogen emmersion program… tanning on a beach while smoking and drinking porterhouse fat from an asbestos thermos. Again, I would not recommend.

  3. Corporate Daycare permalink
    01/06/2010 20:55

    Whatever search gets them here – I’m willing to bet they come back for better reasons.

    I can’t offer insight into what’s happening, but I have experienced some strange website suggestions when I’ve put in “innocent” searches. If only they had led me here sooner…

  4. 01/08/2010 11:42

    @Teresahrgirl – Clearly you have a sweet tooth….! Your news sucks. Let me know if I can do anything ok?

    @RyanW – Dennis Leary…..comedy genius but no dietician…..

    @Corporate Daycare – Thank you….but I so know those searches weren’t innocent…! 🙂

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