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Reasons to be cheerful…….1,2,3


So this is Christmas Blue Monday is it? The most depressing day of the year……?  Well allegedly.   Although the “most depressing” bit was created by some chap in a PR firm….so clearly it must be true? 

So in among all the adverts you’ll see for holidays today and all the doom, gloom and general suck, here are my ten reasons why I am not down and Blue Monday can go and fuck itself up the arse.

1) I am healthy.  I know this because my heart has been placed under every test known to man and many unknown…and if the “hot doc” tells me the results are A1…well hell, I’m going to believe her.

2) The days are getting longer and summer is on the way.  The snow was a temporary blip and I can already start to smell the fields in the sun.

3) The eighties are back in fashion which is convenient because if I want a laugh all I need to do is look at the way people are dressed on the tube (I was there the first time and it sucked then!)

4) You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your friends….and I have some very dear friends that I know have got my back.

5) There is finally good evidence that strong wines are a nonsense and we can hopefully move back to sensible alcoholic volumes thus aiding both my health and my head in the morning.

6) My faith is humanity has been renewed by the response to Haiti.  All we need to do is keep these sentiments up all year-round people.  Charity is not just for Christmas.

7) Every day there are millions of children learning and doing amazing things.  They are laughing, playing, enjoying life even under difficult circumstances.  We were all like that once, we still can be.

8) The “Global Financial Crisis” was not as bad as it could have been.  No really it wasn’t……. And to prove it, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and am going to buy a new house.  Donations by post……please?

9) Research into diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease is advancing at a pace.  As some who comes from a family which has been struck by Alzheimer’s and dementia, anything that can be done to  eradicate these awful conditions is reason alone to be cheerful.

10) I have love in my life. I love and I am loved.

So, Blue Monday?  I think not….we all have reasons to be cheerful.  Don’t we?

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  1. 01/18/2010 13:07

    Great post for a Monday morning (or anyday for that matter). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Karen (Sayya26) permalink
    01/18/2010 13:33

    🙂 wonderful post HRD. If we all decided to see just how fortunate we are instead of looking at the downside (and remember somebody always has it worse than we do- look at Haiti for example) all the time- we’d be alot happier and healthier for it. Look at me, I could be totally frustrated that for some reason the function keys on my computer are all screwed up and my volume controls have turned into my expose controls- but am I cussing and grunting?? no 🙂 because I have a little bumpkin on the way and I don’t want to stress out whoever’s in there- that’s another thing- think about someone other than yourself and you’d be amazed at how differently you react to things…

    I hope you have an excellent 2010 and thank you for all of your musings!

  3. 01/18/2010 16:51

    1. We have not had 53″ of snow this year. The roads are not covered with ice, so I can go out running without fear of slipping and breaking my legs.

    2. My husband still has a job.

    3. His parents (“How could you marry her?”) continue to drink heavily. Bottoms up, people. Bottoms up.

    4. I keep finding really nice people here and making new friends. Life is good.

  4. Lena M. permalink
    01/18/2010 21:41

    Blue Monday? LOL! I’m so glad I live in an underdeveloped country! You guys seem to come up with the lamest excuses for depression… there’s no time or money for that here…

    Putting that aside, you are right, there’s tons of reasons to be cheerful, if only we can afford to face them…

  5. 01/18/2010 23:58

    Lena, I lived in underdeveloped countries when I was a kid and then when I was a Peace Corps volunteer and I agree: there is no time for depression in those places because people are too busy figuring out how to survive. Honestly. The crap that some people waste their worrying about.

  6. 01/19/2010 12:11

    @Sharlyn – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I do try to be cheerful every now and then!

    @Karen – Many congratulations! How many weeks are you? I hope all is well.

    @The Gold Digger – Bottoms up indeed….and then potentially bottom up!

    @Lena – I know it’s a horrible concept isn’t it? Still that is what happens when PR people have too much time on their hands!

    @The Gold Digger – Apparently occurrences of depression are significantly greater in “developed” communities than “underdeveloped” ones. That tells you all you need to know.

  7. BJH permalink
    01/19/2010 14:18

    Just recently came across your blog and love it – so refreshing. However, last week you made a committment not to swear and if you did you would donate £10 the charity of my choice …

    “Blue Monday can go and fuck itself up the arse.”

    So that’s £10 to Haiti please : )

  8. 01/19/2010 14:46

    @BJH – Thanks for your kind comments. Really appreciated….and Welcome! I make that £20? Keep a tally to the end of the week and I promise to live up to my commitment!


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