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One bollock at a time – Part 5



The last bollock and perhaps the biggest one of all. (Incidentally, I realise that I have been potty mouthed this entire week and promise not to swear for the entirety of next week. If I slip up you can call me on it and I will donate £10 for each swear word to a charity of your choice. Ok?)

But seeing as that starts next week……..

Ever since I mistakenly fell into my first HR job, my ears have been filled with the moans and groans that “we are not taken seriously enough” that “we should have a seat on the board” that “the business is showing that it doesn’t value its people”.

No….it’s showing that it doesn’t value its HR department. And you know what? That is your fault. Suck it up and take some responsibility for fucks sake. If you play sport and you don’t get picked for the first team that is not the team’s fault, its not the coaches fault…’s yours. You dust yourself down, get back into training and you show that you have the mettle, you prove your value and you make sure that yours is the first name on the team sheet. That is how you get picked, not by sitting in the corner, tearing strips off tissues and complaining about how you are “misunderstood by society”.

If you aren’t being taken seriously in your business, if you aren’t being involved or included. Get out there, knock a few doors down, turn a few heads, make a difference. Create your legend and live it. THAT is how you get to the top.

HR deserves a seat on the board? HR deserves nothing. That is the final bollock.

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  1. Corporate Daycare permalink
    01/15/2010 13:10

    HRD – I agree with the principle of your comment and I am a strong believer in taking responsibility for one’s own state in life…there are often external conditions that are beyond your control.

    Keeping with the sports team analogy – if you don’t make the first team, it is largely your “fault”, but there are politics to team selection that have little to do with talent. Sometimes, despite your best efforts and the blatanly obvious fact that you should be part of team, you can’t trump the coach’s son/daughter or over-ride the back-scratching agreements that DO happen.

    That being said – I agree 100%…don’t piss and moan about.
    Do something about it.

    • 01/18/2010 10:48

      True you have a point. But then, do you want to be part of THAT team?

  2. 01/15/2010 20:16

    I’m loving this series of yours. Couldn’t agree more with each and every single one of them! I have went through this last bollock myself. When I first got hired, my company viewed my position was just to keep track of records. Whether it’s personnel or training records, that was strictly my job. It wasn’t until I started asking to take up more tasks, to really get the chance to learn more about the organization as a whole that I’ve began to get that “seat”. Now, I am involved in every aspect of the company and it’s great!
    On an offside note, I’ve spotted 2 swear words from you, one from this post and the other is in Bollock#2, can you please donate the money to haha…

    • 01/18/2010 10:51

      Walking the walk Thuy….well done you. And the swearing challenge starts this week……not last week….so no money is being transferred to your account!

  3. 01/16/2010 17:54

    Wonderful observations. Your “bollocks#” regrettably are not only limited to HR functions – but could apply to entire companies or even industries – which what makes them so readable.

    Re your “misunderstood by society” list”: HR Functions, UK Banks, and a long list of others.


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