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Hell’s Demons – The Sniper



Next week in the UK is half term, well at least it is for some kids including my own.  I’m taking the week off with them to do……well as little as we can physically manage.  So before I go, I thought I might try something a little different this week…if that is ok with you?

We all know the characters that hang around offices and workplaces, they are the same up and down the country, throughout the world.  Sure their gender, age and race my differ….but their make up is essentially the same.  They are the ones that take our time up, that cause us grief, that wind others up, that generally are a right royal pain in the arse.  The ones that we all know exist, but try to forget.

They are……Hell’s Demons…..first up The Sniper.

The Sniper has a grudge.  A grudge so strong that it pervades their every thought and feeling, but they don’t know it.  Because whatever happened, it happened so long ago that they have forgotten.  Whether passed over for promotion, missed out on a bonus or given the wrong project.  Whatever it was they probably couldn’t even tell you themselves.  But it has filled them with venom and bile which the years have compacted and hardened.

The dangerous thing about The Sniper, however, is that on the surface they look like the good corporate citizen.  They don’t rage in meetings, pick fights or arguments.  They leave that to others.  No, The Sniper is wiser and more deadly than that.  They have long learnt to play the game, to hide in the shadows, to disappear in the background, to blend in…..until the moment comes to strike.

And when they strike, The Sniper is subtle.  They use the least energy possible to cause the most damage.  Why?  No-one really knows, maybe for pleasure, maybe for revenge, maybe to share the pain that they feel inside.  A word here, an email there.  Seemingly innocent, but deadly, “CEO, I have to say I think it is wonderful that you allow the HRD to spend all that time writing his blog.  Oh….you didn’t know…..”

The Sniper requires information to survive and this eventually proves their downfall.  Only so many people can fall victim to The Sniper before their reputation starts to spread.  Before those around them become wary and start to hold their cards closer to their chest.  Conversations become superficial, information given on a need to know basis and as this happens The Sniper withdraws back into their lair where they become even more bitter and dangerous as they wait for the next generation of victims to arrive in corporate hell.

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  1. 02/08/2010 09:46

    Excellent, HRD. Yes, the Sniper cuts with a razor in such quick Sweeney Todd-fashion you don’t know you’re bleeding until it’s too late.

  2. Karen (Sayya26) permalink
    02/08/2010 13:41

    Hey HRD- have you heard of the book “I Hate People”? In the book the authors highlight the 10 least wanted people in the office. i have copy myself and it’s witty and makes complete sense at the same time. anyone in your office could probably fit into one or more of these categories. In case you haven’t heard of it:

    and there’s the blog:

  3. 02/09/2010 02:15

    Sounds like you were bitten recently, HRD! LOL.

    But I think I know of what you speak; a well of undecipherable bitterness that may lurk within that one seemingly-nice-but-not-quite-right individual…

  4. 02/09/2010 11:41

    @mkeefer – Indeed, Sweeney Toddesque is a good analogy

    @Karen – No I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have a look once I have finished this series. Don’t want to get accused of plagiarism!

    @Geekette – All the time! I think you can tell them by a slightly icy stare……

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