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That’s it……were having a revolution….the people are taking control…..

All this social media nonsense is about the democratisation (ooh big word) of content right?  So last night I was dicking about on Twitter and I asked people for the one word that described how they were feeling.  I heard,

@MervynDinnen – Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! (did I spell that right?)

@LisaScales – Attraction (followed by the qualification “of the talent kind”)

@WendyJacob – Pharmaceuticals (followed by an attempted qualification….)

@J0N1 – Moist (….never quite got to the bottom of that one….)

@RhiannonBurton – Revenge (against whom I don’t know but I can only imagine they’re shaking in their boots)

@karenwise – Exasperated (probably at the crap that pours out of my beak….!)

@neil_jenkins – Displaced (which will hopefully get sorted now that the transport network is creaking to a start!)

I’m not about tomorrow (I have a secret undercover mission involving sex, drugs and dancing girls  a Powerpoint presentation on the people objectives for 2010), so I thought, if you leave me your word on here or via Twitter (@theHRD) in turn I will include every single one of them (including the ones above) in a real post on a topic yet to be decided on Friday. 


PS – The words have to be real.  And in English.  Other than that…….game on!

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  1. Comms Bunny permalink
    04/21/2010 08:14

    Loving the challenge. Belligerent. Word of the day for yesterday in our team, describing a newcomer to our quiet corner of the office…

  2. 04/21/2010 08:58

    Nice challenge. Glazing. Enjoy yourself!

  3. Lindsey permalink
    04/21/2010 11:17

    Ok . . . Butterfly

  4. BJH permalink
    04/21/2010 11:53

    We used to do this “back in the day” when I was acting … we’d have a word we had to get into the script, hopefully without the audience noticing and without the actors reacting.

    So … my word will be: onomatopoeia.

  5. 04/21/2010 12:09

    Additions from twitter so far are:

    @IanPBuckingham – Beseiged
    @abissignorelli – Irritated
    @andsomepeople – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (which I’m minded to rule out on a technicality!)

    I’m backing myself on this one so far……..!

    Bring it on!!!

  6. 04/21/2010 12:15

    Oi! That’s not wot I wrote!!! 🙂

    Think you’ll find it was “Supercalifragilisticexpiali…don’t!” That’s what I was feeling at the time

  7. 04/21/2010 12:39

    @andsomepeople – Bloody creative types….. 🙂

  8. Lena M. permalink
    04/21/2010 12:53


  9. Corporate Daycare permalink
    04/21/2010 13:30

    Here’s mine…”discombobulated”

  10. 04/21/2010 13:59

    @alexhens wants discombobulated too…. (worrying….!)
    @callumsaunders adds pensive to the list…..

  11. 04/21/2010 15:54

    Pulchritude -I like it b/c it sounds so nasty, but is actually tame… 🙂

  12. 04/21/2010 22:23


  13. G-dog permalink
    04/22/2010 00:37


  14. 04/22/2010 20:29

    @leeburman added relieved. That’s it, no more words now please I need to work this one out! Thank you all so much for joining in. The People’s Post comes tomorrow…….

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