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Lessons learnt from a week at home



Well what can I say?  Thank you everyone for all the wonderful messages that I received on here via Twitter and by email.  I was genuinely very touched.

This time last week I was getting ready to travel to hospital and now a week later I’m back at my desk (albeit with a sling) and ready to rock and roll.  I have never been off work for a week, it was a very strange experience.  But we need to find learning wherever we can and so in true L&D mode, the things last week taught me are:

– Watching yourself being operated on is really quite amazing – technology never ceases to baffle/amaze me

– Nerve block injections make you feel like you have dead flesh attached to your body.  Which is quite unnerving.  Which in itself is ironic.

– Key hole surgery sucks, because it hurts like hell inside, but you have no manly scar outside to justify your pain to the outside world.  They just think you are a wuss.

– Losing the use of a limb requires you to think about life in a whole different way and challenges your habits.  I always put my train ticket in my back right pocket….which is not helpful when your right arm is in a sling. And as for visiting the little boys room…….

– Commuters still push into you regardless.  I pity pregnant commuters.

– I am not good at sitting around and convalescing.  I need to be doing things (including mowing the lawn with one arm!)

– I like being at home with my children. I prefer it to work.

That last one is going to take some pondering and revisiting.  I guess I always knew it, but I had never really tested it.  Watch this space……

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  1. KBMayes permalink
    05/24/2010 08:52

    Oh the joys of work – life balance!!
    Hope you fully recover soon

  2. BJH permalink
    05/24/2010 09:58

    Great to see you back and hope everything is fully recovered and pain-free very soon 🙂

  3. lenamaurer permalink
    05/24/2010 13:01

    It’s really good to see you back… and no… won’t hug your shoulder… 🙂

  4. 05/24/2010 14:00

    I’m glad you’re back. And no, there is nothing like extended time off to make you evaluate things.

  5. Karen (Sayya26) permalink
    05/24/2010 15:16

    yay! you’re back 🙂 I hope you are recovering well and yes it’s amazing how much you appreciate a limb when you no longer have use of it. I’m sure your kids enjoy having u home as well! Thank you also for empathizing with us pregnant ladies 🙂

  6. 05/24/2010 20:57

    Good luck on your return to work and blogging. Break a leg!

  7. 05/25/2010 06:57

    Glad you’re back on the block HRD. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  8. 05/25/2010 13:07

    @KBMayes – Thanks….work life balance…..remind me what that is?

    @BJH – My life is never pain free……

    @lenamaurer – Thanks Lena

    @The gold digger – Indeed. This is the first time in my life I have ever been off “sick” for a week. Just being home with the kids was lovely.

    @Karen – I never want to be without a limb again. Not a good experience.

    @fernandomando – God……no….I hope not!

    @Henry – Thanks. Beer? Wine? When are you down in the smoke next?

  9. g-dog permalink
    05/26/2010 02:51

    so – you can wear slip-ons to work? Or your family is tying your shoes? Other than sprained ankles, I haven’t been limbless before (well, a couple times in college, etc. I wouldn’t say I have control over all limbs, but technically they were functional).
    Speedy recovery – and if you are suppose to be doing PT – do it!

  10. 05/26/2010 12:05

    @g-dog Physio sucks….

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