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Brand new personality



People…..there is a dangerous, highly infectious, highly contagious condition that is going around the webosphere.  As a responsible blogger and upstanding member of the interweb community I feel it is only good and proper that I both bring it to your attention.

The condition is called……Personal Branding.  Whoever created this fuckwittery of a concept should be sat pulling cactus spines out of their genitalia.  Unfortunately instead they are probably sitting by a pool with lithe and sexy members of the opposite sex draped all over their body.  Let us be clear here….in common with the Yeti, the Tooth Fairy and the perfect nights sleep….personal branding does not exist.

Ok….maybe if you are David Beckham or Bono….or Johnny Depp…..maybe….just maybe you could claim to be a brand as well as a person.  For the rest of us.  For us normal folk……we have personalities.  They’ve been around for years so call me old-fashioned but I think it has served us well and you know me….I’m old skool.

So look after yourselves.  Stay safe.  Avoid this vile and rabid condition.  And if you see someone spouting delusional nonsense about themselves and their “brand”  Remember, the only branding they should have, is FUCKWIT….on the forehead.

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  1. 05/26/2010 07:38

    🙂 Couldn’t agree more. It is quite ironic that in this age when Social Media has opened up the world of communications/information and people no longer trust/believe in ‘being sold to’ by advertising from large corporate concerns – that the concept of ‘branding’ yourself as a mini-me corporation has become…popular.

  2. g-dog permalink
    05/26/2010 11:33

    1st thought — Tiger Woods

  3. 05/26/2010 11:47

    ‘Branding’ – Definition:

    Entire process involved in creating a unique name and image in people’s minds, through communications with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal followers.

    Is ‘The HRD’ not one such brand?

  4. Corporate Daycare permalink
    05/26/2010 12:43

    Personal branding is yet another way to get people to drink the kool-aid, buy the book, and attend the seminar.

    If people were brands, there would be a lot more recalls.

  5. 05/26/2010 18:03

    Your warning comes too late HRD; the fuckery known as “personal branding” is now of pandemic proportions.

    @Corp Daycare; love the recall idea! 😉

  6. 05/26/2010 21:51

    Personal Branding = Pile’O’Shite

    Dan Schwabel asked on Twitter what I thought of his Personal Brand. I replied that he looked like his mother had dressed him.

    • The Engaging Engager permalink
      06/02/2010 20:42

      You should have told him your relatives escaped from Nazi Germany and you don’t appreciate the reference…..that would have shut him up!

  7. Karen (Sayya26) permalink
    05/27/2010 16:24,9171,1989137,00.html

    This article is timed perfectly with your write up on personal branding. Frankly, if I ever become famous I don’t want to be considered a ‘brand’. It sounds inhuman and impersonal and like you’re communicating with a product rather than a person. It leaves little to no room for just doing what you like.

  8. 05/31/2010 07:18

    Thank you so much! Living in California, I feel branding is for cattle. Let’s just stop this personal branding nonsense. I’m not a roll of toilet paper or a bag of crisps. I’m a person. A human being. Not a longhorn. Enough already!

    • The Engaging Engager permalink
      06/02/2010 20:40

      “Branding is for cows ” is a chapter in this book which may well fluff your pillows madam:

  9. 06/03/2010 08:10

    @andsomepeople – Interesting point. Are people the new corporations? Will trust well and truly break down?

    @g-dog – Second thought. Duchess of York.

    @Cal – I guess my point is more about those that actively try to create and promote their “personal brand”. If you want to call who I am my brand then fine. Personally I prefer personality.

    @Corporate Daycare – “If people were brands, there would be a lot more recalls” = genius

    @Geekette – Does Tamiflu work?

    @Stephen O’Donnell – Welcome and thanks for commenting. Yep. Total pile of….

    @Karen – Doing what you like and just being who you are.

    @mkeefer – “I’m a person…..not a longhorn” – Isn’t that from a film?

    @The Engaging Engineer – At £29 a pop I would want the answer to world peace……

    • The Engaging Engager permalink
      06/03/2010 10:20

      ….isn’t branding the answer to world peace?

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