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You’d better get yourself together…..



I’ve been a bad boy.  There, I’ve said it.  And I’m sorry.  Ok?  Now will karma please stay off my back. 

I give you the events of the last 24 hours:

  1. I managed to shrink my rather nice Jasper Conran merino wool jumper.  Not so that it fits my wife.  Not so that is fits my son. But so that it fits my daughter.  She is happy.  I am not.
  2. On making a sandwich The knife struck the bottom of the pot.  At which point the bottom of the pot fell out and landed on the floor. On the way down managing to cut open my leg.
  3. Whilst washing my hands I hit the soap dispenser, only for the liquid soap to shoot out across the sink and hit me in the crotch.  Perfectly timed to coincide with a delivery arriving at the door….and accompanying strange looks and quick departure from delivery person.
  4. I only have one headphone.  I had two when I left home.  But only one when I got to the train.  So what you say? I was sat next to hacking cough man.  The one with phlegm constantly in the back of his throat.    Instead of soothing music I had the grolly symphony.

I have the CEO for two hours this morning. 

I’m going to be good from now on. 

Before this gets serious.


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