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To run where the brave dare not go



So it is another Monday morning.  The one after the World Cup final, where a group of men got to fulfil their dream of participating in the biggest sporting event on earth.   It makes me wonder how many of them had that dream as they kicked a can around the streets of their home town? And it makes me think back to my dreams as a child.

No we know for a fact that no-one wants to work in HR as a kid.  Well, we know that any kid who says they do is taken away to a dark place and becomes just “one more statistic”.  No, as kids our dreams are more carefree, more open and let us face it……….more bloody enjoyable.

Ellison over at Humane Resources has been talking a lot about her search for “The Job”.  Now she is talking about her search for the perfect role in HR, but what about the perfect job in total?  There are a lot of jobs that I am suitably qualified for, body double for Brad Pitt, chief taster for Berry Bros. not to mention leading goal scorer for England! But I don’t think I should limit myself to the achievable….I want to think big, to think like a kid.

And I keep coming back to it.  The God’s honest truth is……… I’d like to be a farmer. Now before you start banging on about hard work, up, early, muck, low prices, blah blah blah……this is a free dream thingymajig.  I could go telling Ellison a billion reasons why I would rather stab my eyeballs out with blunt crayons than go back into HR. But am I? Ok….don’t answer that…….I mean ….am I telling her that TODAY? No.  And let’s face it, there is a lot in common between the downsides to farming and working in HR……

Sure it probably won’t happen, but it doesn’t hurt me now does it?  Having a dream job is no bad thing in my opinion.  If you have one, no matter how big and you feel like you want to share it.  I’d like to hear. And I won’t mock.  ‘Cos I’m good like that.

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  1. Sukh Pabial permalink
    07/12/2010 07:46

    HA! Dream Job. Astronaut. God’s honest truth gov. Always been fascinated by outer space and what the cosmos holds for us. I envy those space walkers. Thanks for a nice bit of freedom on a Monday morning!

  2. 07/12/2010 08:28

    I wanted to be an airhostess or travel rep. Although hopefully not for BA at the moment! Travel, see the world, have fun!

  3. Mark permalink
    07/12/2010 09:05

    I always wanted to be an archaeologist. Rather like being a time travelling detective.

  4. Skurve permalink
    07/12/2010 11:36

    I realised a while back that I always wanted to make toys. Either be a toy designer or simply work for Matchbox or Dinky.

  5. Corporate Daycare permalink
    07/12/2010 12:28

    When I was a kid my dream job was to be a cashier. Now that I’ve exceeded my dreams, I will focus on my second choice – would love to own a new/used bookstore.

  6. 07/12/2010 12:40

    For a short time I wanted to be a subliminal advertising sales exec.

  7. 07/12/2010 13:50

    Both farmers and businesspeople spend a lot of time cleaning up someone else’s crap.

    I want to be a syndicated columnist and best-selling memoir writer. Then my husband can quit his job and become a professional singer and we can have a winter place on Key Biscayne, where I will have a Cuban sandwich and a pastelito de guayaba at least once a week.

  8. 07/12/2010 23:20

    Curating shoes, chocolate & stationery, all under one roof.

    • Corporate Daycare permalink
      07/13/2010 12:25

      @Geekette: If you are looking for a business partner, I am SO in.

    • 07/13/2010 16:09

      Naturally, the shoes would have to be worn to make sure they are worthy and the chocolate sampled for the same reason.

      • 07/14/2010 16:11

        @Corporate Daycare & Gold Digger: Its on then! The stationery section had provision for books anyway.

        But how do we ensure that Gold Digger leaves enough chocolates for customers to buy? 😉

        @HRD: Of course we’ll give you a commission… After you have sent your entire clan to the store. 😉

  9. 07/14/2010 08:26

    @Sukh Pabial – Astronaut……not a cosmonaut?

    @HR Harriet – I’m sure Willie Walsh will be on the phone soon!

    @Mark – Funnily enough, I wanted to be an archeologist as a kid too….I was a member of the Young Archeologists Association!!!

    @Skurve – What a great idea! I like your thinking.

    @Corporate Daycare – I could immerse myself in the world of books too sometimes…..

    @Stephen O’Donnell – Wow…..that is kinda scary!!

    @The Gold Digger – You win the prize for the most detail! Your writing is surely of the standard to make this happen. Not sure about hubby’s voice, I’ll leave that to you to judge!

    @Geekette – Looks like you have a couple of business partners! Send me my commission when you all make your millions?

  10. Mark permalink
    07/14/2010 13:07

    Now this is getting rather worrying – the other thing I wanted to be was a reclusive farmer!

  11. g-dog permalink
    07/18/2010 03:00

    I want to be a ……lion tamer! Just kidding -a comic or comedy writer.


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