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In out in out shake it all about…..



I’m coming out of the shadows tonight, perhaps for the final time, to attend the Recruiters Network event.  It is a networking event…….for recruiters. Liking neither recruiters nor networking it seems a strange way to spend a Wednesday evening, but it is run and organised by the lovely Louise Triance, so I’ve said I’ll go along.

In fact, I’m not just going along, I’m debating.  In a form of tag team wrestling, allegedly without the wrestling but knowing the participants anything might happen.  I will be lining up with the gimp mask wearing Yogi bear of a man that is Gary Franklin.  Against us will be the Statler and Waldorf of recruitment, Mervyn Dinnen and Gareth Jones.

The title of the debate is “innie or outtie”.  Problem is, up until this morning I thought we were discussing belly buttons and all things fluff related.  First it turns out I was wrong.  Instead we’re going to be debating in-house recruitment versus out-house recruitment (wtf?). AND THEN it turns out I don’t actually have an opinion on this one……

So my friends, dear souls I need your help.  I need your views…….make them up, make them as radical as you can, as offensive as you can. One liners or diatribes I’ll take them all. And I’ll try to fit in as many as I can tonight. Complete the following phrase,

“Agency recruitment sucks because……….”

PS. Merv, Gareth…….feel free to join in too…..I know you agree with me really…..

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  1. 09/22/2010 08:33

    come back to you with comments, still laughing about Statler and Waldorf!

  2. 09/22/2010 10:16

    …..HR are ain’t much better and put up with it.

  3. 09/22/2010 10:23

    Agency recruitment sucks because when there is absolutely nothing to choose between two shortlisted candidates, the agency candidate gets dropped to save paying the fee….

  4. 09/22/2010 10:27

    “Agency recruitment sucks because……….”

    …Recruiters are just sharks who exploit the fact that gullible HR fools are too stupid / scared / snooty to get their hands dirty doing what is, after all, there job. These natural paper shufflers can easily justify a recruitment budget, if it helps them avoid contact with the common people.

    Nae offence.

  5. Doug Shaw permalink
    09/22/2010 11:42

    as a previous user of the (cough) service, Agency recruitment sucks because….

    at a very basic level too many agency folk don’t do what they say they will. Do not approach me, invite me to meet with you in London, spend an hour with me then say I’ll get back to you within 24 hours, if you have no intention of the getting back to you bit. And yes specifically I’m talking about ACRE Resources and Good People (he he – you couldn’t make it up eh?) as two real examples.

    Grrrrr, innit?

  6. 09/22/2010 11:46

    Agency recruitment sucks because…
    recruiters can’t take a hint and need to be told everything in detail.

    Obviously the challenge was to find cool statements that would criticize agency recruiters. But of course, our recruiter friends took the opportunity to bash HR instead of acting according to the wishes of the client.

    And to make up for the current domination by recruiters here’s a second one:

    Agency recruitment sucks because…
    recruiters are all greedy bloodsuckers who will never be able to love candidates and employees like true HR people do


  7. LittleFin permalink
    09/22/2010 12:08

    Agency recruitment sucks because . .
    they are rarely experts in the field they are recruiting and if one more person describes HR as “fluffy” to me and comment that I am “trying to be too strategic” I will seriously have to rethink my career choices.

  8. g-dog permalink
    09/22/2010 12:12

    suxks because ——
    it’s all about the commission/fee (not proper placement)

  9. 09/22/2010 12:30

    “Agency recruitment sucks because……….”

    “I could have avoided it altogether, if only I’d planned ahead properly!”

  10. Corporate Daycare permalink
    09/22/2010 14:27

    Agency recruitment sucks because they consist of those that couldn’t get a really gig in HR and who are hell-bent on taking it out on those that did.

    …and incidentally I don’t believe it is poor planning that has us turning the agencies – it’s that innate naivety that us HR folks have wanting to believe that when someone says they can deliver, they will deliver…

  11. 09/22/2010 15:23

    Some excellent pieces here, but lets be honest. Agency recruitment sucks as you have to deal with HR people all the time instead of the line managers who know what they actually need.

  12. 09/23/2010 08:42

    @Paul – Good nicknames stick……

    @Peter Gold – You should read my post today, I completely agree.

    @Jon – Money……..old rope…….?

    @Stephen O’Donnell – I completely agree. We live in an ecosystem, problems occur when there is an imbalance.

    @Doug Shaw – A candidate speaks. Glad to see you naming and shaming too!

    @Etienne – Haha……great line….yes bloody recruiters, this is my blog… as I say! 🙂

    @LittleFin – Don’t consider your career choices, come here and join with us. And then punch them in the back of the head when they aren’t looking!

    @g-dog – Short termism right? Not long term placements.

    @Stephen O’Donnell – How many bites at the cherry do you want man? But fair point…..

    @Corporate Daycare – “they consist of those who couldn’t get a real gig in HR” Woah feisty talk….I like!

    @paul – I quoted you last night on this, it made me chuckle.

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