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On Friday night my daughter came down with a stomach bug.  Last night I came down with the same thing.  After a night spent talking to God on the big white telephone, I’m not up to much.

Normal service will re resumed soon.

Take care.

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  1. 10/11/2010 11:25

    Considering a guerilla campaign to make this your most-commented blog and thus reclaim your high-point on the HR blog-list. Hmm. Mebbe not. Get well soon Theo!

  2. BJH permalink
    10/11/2010 12:33

    Poor you – hope you feel better soon.

  3. Lou permalink
    10/11/2010 14:37

    Arrhh I noticed a significant decline in my inbound tweets…. And here I was thinking ‘could it be that time of the month’?

    Get well Mr HRD… missing the black humor to my day!

  4. Karen (Sayya26) permalink
    10/11/2010 15:59

    That’s awful! Hope you both feel better soon!

  5. Ministry of Truth permalink
    10/12/2010 09:25

    You think it was your daughter. I think it was CIPD!

  6. Corporate Daycare permalink
    10/12/2010 12:29

    I knew you weren’t feeling well when you started being polite on twitter. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  7. 10/14/2010 19:36

    @James Mayes – I think my 15 minutes of fame are long gone!

    @BJH – Bless you! Thanks.

    @Lou – It takes a lot to shut me up…….

    @Karen – Bless you! How is the little one doing?

    @Ministry of Truth – Yikes…..never thought of that……

    @Corporate Daycare – I do nice…..I DO NICE! You still grumpy cos I dumped you for a mug of coffee?

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