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Discipline me baby!


Its been an emotional week for a number of reasons – mostly good.  One of the things thats needed doing in amongst all of this is dealing with the situation I described here.  It was all going swimmingly.  And then this…..

HRD: CEO….I live to serve…..
CEO: Funny.  Where are we with that thing, that situation?
HRD: Swine flu?
CEO: No the naughty people
HRD: Interesting you should mention that.  I’m just writing the outcome of the disciplinary now, drafting the letter.
CEO: Can I see it before it goes?  You know, I have known all the parties involved for a very long time.
HRD……..uhhhh……yep…….s’pose so
CEO:  Excellent.  Next five minutes?  Bye.
HRD: Crap…..
Ten minutes later after aforementioned letter has been sent.
CEO: HRD?  Ummm I mean….this…..ummm….this letter
HRD: Which letter?
CEO: Which letter!  The one you just sent me!
HRD: Ohhh…..that one….
CEO: Yessss that one.  Well, I mean…..its a bit formal…
HRD:… is a disciplinary warning….
CEO:I know….its just….ummm….well he really won’t like it…
HRD: … is a disciplinary warning….
CEO:  I mean, can’t we tone it down…..make it more ambiguous?
HRD: …….an ambiguous disciplinary warning?
CEO:  Well if we send this he will be seriously pissed off!
HRD:….its a………
CEO: ….disciplinary warning….I know….you keep on saying….I just thought maybe I could reword it, soften it down, make it look like he’s not at fault…..
HRD:  Thats a really good idea, I think blame should be kept out of disciplinary situations…
CEO:  Look I know you won’t like it but, can’t we just keep this informal, light touch, between us…..
HRD:  Ummm….I think we went past that point when we sat down in the hearing…..
CEO:  I mean tell me if you think I’m mad?
HRD: You’re mad
CEO: Really?
HRD: Yep
CEO: Well OK, how about this.  I mean, if he gets this from his manager all fucking hell is going to break loose.  So I thought….how about it comes from……..
HRD: Nope!
CEO: How about…….it comes from…
HRD: No!
HRD: Its not happening.
CEO: Really?
HRD: Really.  
CEO: I thought you’d say that.  Ok well, I’ll take the letter home, rewrite it and send it back to you tomorrow.  OK? Ciao
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  1. Theo permalink
    05/15/2009 10:10

    What’s he so scared of?

  2. corporate daycare permalink
    05/15/2009 14:04

    The pen is mightier than the sword.

    There's something about putting it in black & white that scares the crap out of people both the receiver and the giver. Everything is okay as long as we "talk it out".

    I hear you. Oh how I hear you.

  3. HRD permalink
    05/15/2009 15:08

    @Theo – Thanks for your comment. That is a very intuitive question Theo. What are they afraid of? Thoughts?

  4. HRD permalink
    05/15/2009 15:10

    @Corporate Daycare – Thanks for coming back. Yes there does seem to be some aversion to making it real. Of course, as you would expect, I won the day!

  5. HR Good_Witch permalink
    05/18/2009 14:10

    I love your CEO exchanges! Keep ’em comin.

  6. HRD permalink
    05/18/2009 18:18

    @HR Good_Witch – Thank you, thats kind. The funny thing is they are all absolutely real!

  7. Anonymous permalink
    05/21/2009 17:53

    LOL! oh wow- story of my HR career life- every time i write a disciplinary letter i’m told to ‘tone it down’ and ‘it’s too harsh’- i swear- EVERY time….thank you so much for sharing this- now I know now i’m not insane.

  8. HRD permalink
    05/29/2009 15:29

    @Anonymous – Thanks for your comment. You’re not insane. Its them out there that are!!


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