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Happiness is….


Earlier I commented on a post about happiness remarking that I had realized that, “I really wasn’t happy and furthermore that the searching for more was about fulfillment not selfish indulgence.”

Joan Ginsberg replied, “HRD- Is a search for fulfillment not selfish indulgence? I ask that because I have been questing for what I call fulfillment for a while now – professionally and personally – with limited success. And now I occasionally ask myself if I was in a better position before my journey began.”

And in one of those strange moments of synchronicity, I looked at my screen and at the post I was writing entitled “A Journey”.

The journey I was referring to was slightly different – it was a train journey. In fact it wasn’t a train journey, but it should have been. Only someone went and jumped under the train. So it was just a train, without the journey. And I had to travel another route and think about where I was going and what I needed to do to get there, rather than follow my normal routine.

My reflection was how very much like life this was. We go through our routines, do what we have to do, say what we have to say, think what we need to think. Only when something extraordinary occurs do we stop and think about where we are going, where we actually want to go and what we need to do to get there.

I’m not a huge fan of The Alchemist in the “ happy clappy, it changed my life” category, but the question made me think about the book and the central tenet, “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”. Sure there might be a little bit of an Evangelic tilt to this and I’m not going to go anywhere near that – think barge and pole.

I believe if you want something enough, if you dream it enough, if you believe in it wholeheartedly then I believe you can make fairly much anything happen.

“Wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure”

It’s just a matter of working out where you heart is.

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  1. teresahrgirl permalink
    11/22/2009 03:19

    I think it may take more than believing and dreaming for good things to happen. But I do think you can see the bright side in any situation if you try hard enough. Love the new site HRD. Well done, Sir.

  2. 11/24/2009 08:36

    @Teresahrgirl – Thanks for your kind comments on the site. I guess my point is that everything has to begin with dreaming and believing, and that if you do so whole heartedly, you’ll be surprised at the things you can make happen. Sure there are limitations, like I will never be President of France (because I’m not french). But the power of belief is stronger than we think.

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