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Charity begins in hell



Those of you who have hung here for a while might remember my 5 loads of HR bollocks?  It was a week where I confess I was more potty mouthed than usual.  I mean normally I’m ok….ish aren’t I?  But that week I was bad.  I admit it. I’m a big man, there is no harm in bearing yourself here… the non literal sense, of course.

Anyway, I promised that the following week I would hold back on the swearing and if….IF I swore, then I would donate £10 for each swear word to charity.  You’ll be pleased to know that I reduced my swearing that week to 13 occurrences.  Just under 3 a post.  Not bad eh?  I was doing even better until my conversation with the CEO… more ways than one……but what can you do!

So being a democratic kind of guy, I thought I would open up the voting, on which charity should benefit, to you guys.  Below you will see voting buttons and links to the various charities, just check them out, click and let me know what you think?  I’m off for a couple of days now back into pay negotiations (how many ways can I say “no”) so take your time let people know and the more votes that are received, the more money I promise to give to the chosen charity (I have a multiplier thing worked out which I promise to adhere to).  Now, how good is that?

Take care, read, consider, click, leave me a comment…..and I’ll let you know the final amount and the benefactor on Monday 1st February.


I await your verdict with bated breath…………………….

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