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Hell’s Demons – The Brat



The Brat is probably one of the most commonly known and frequently encountered demons.  Indeed some organisations (like my own) are staffed almost entirely by brats.  Where the ration of Brats to non-brats exceeds two to one, you know you are either working in a consultancy, an advertising agency or a crèche.

But spare a thought for the Brat, they weren’t created that way, the evolved all thanks to the organisation.  Probably considered at one time the “talent” within the organisation they threw their toys out of the pram once only to find that the nurse maid came, picked them up put them back in the pram and gave them a lollipop to boot.  Now anyone with kids will know the power of conditioning.  And of course the next thing the Brat did….was to throw the toys out of the pram again.

One of the problems for an organisation with many Brats is trying to make sure that you are not knocked out by the deluge of toys.  And HR we sit on the sidelines like an unthumbed copy of Gina Ford, begging for the lollipop supply to end.  But just like the mother with the child sprawled out on the floor in the supermarket, red in the face from screaming and wailing old habits die-hard. And unfortunately, so do Brats.

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  1. Lena M. permalink
    02/10/2010 12:33

    LMAO! Those could also be musicians… lots of Brats in my world…

  2. Karen (Sayya26) permalink
    02/10/2010 15:25

    I love putting brats in their place- it’s so satisfying 🙂 I’ve never been a coddler or one to give in to tantrums. I don’t care whose Golden Boy you are- you better eat some humble pie before I shove it down your throat.

  3. 02/11/2010 09:15

    @Lena – I can imagine, I think anywhere creative you find them in their droves..!

    @Karen – Are you normally this agressive, or is the pregnancy taking effect on your defence mechanisms! 🙂

  4. Karen permalink
    02/11/2010 14:21

    LOL HRD! my husband tells me i have a vengeful streak that scares even him and my mother-in-law tells me I have no patience so she was wondering what I would do with a screaming baby/infant. I told them both I’m perfectly patient with babies and old people- babies don’t know better and older people are set in their ways- both of which are fairly harmless. BUT grown people who should know better and still do stupid things- brings out the impatient, aggressive side…

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