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Stranger in paradise



One of the things that sets our species apart from others is our level of sociability and social interaction.  For the large part we are sociable creatures…..most of us at least.  As we progress through life we come across people, sometimes for short periods of time, sometimes for longer periods of time.  We build relationships, we break relationships, we learn from one another, we love one another and we hurt one another.  But without those relationships, without those interactions we would be half the people we are and this world would be half the place that it is.

After my stupid “shameful, ego inflating behaviour” last week (thanks @AnnaYoshica for that feedback!) I was genuinely touched by the amount of positive feedback that I received, so much so that I actually came clean on the prank earlier than I intended because I was feeling a little ashamed.  A lot of the warm and supportive comments came from people who I had spent only a few hours with at most and many from people who I have never even met for real.  The fact that people would be so nice to someone who really doesn’t deserve it is mind-blowing.

This weekend I played football with a friend of mine and our respective children.  We have known each other for just over 30 years now.  We met when we were six.  And despite both of us moving hundreds of miles from our homes, leading very separate and different lives, losing contact, regaining contact again.  We get on. Our families get on.  Remarkably really, after all that time.  A totally different type of relationship to the ones above, but no less mind-blowing.

Despite the title of this blog, I am constantly amazed by people (but it doesn’t mean I have to like them ok!) the interactions we have, the relationships that we form and how they ebb and flow.  I’ve been told I’m a tough guy to get to know, I’m cold, I can be aloof.  Sometimes I’m slow to value the friendship that people offer me.  There is no one way to have a friendship, there is no one type of relationship that is acceptable.  When someone offers their hand, we should always accept it.  Sure there are risks that entail (I remind you of the story of Easter) but there are also massive benefits to be had.

For those that have extended the hand of friendship to me, I thank you.  For those that I have shunned or rejected, I apologise wholeheartedly (apart from you, yes you….at the back there….yes that’s right, no not him there is not use in pointing at him….you).  

For those that I’m just getting to know…….well……if you can get past the cold aloof bit, I think I’m an alright guy…and as loyal as a Labrador…. just maybe not as cute……

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  1. 04/06/2010 08:07

    What about ants, bees and wasps

  2. Lena M. permalink
    04/06/2010 14:46

    You are an alright guy… And I would dare say cuter than a Labrador… But then again I’m a cat person…

    Thanks for stopping by my blog… I had actually missed your comments, can you believe it???

  3. 04/07/2010 04:59

    I find the digital you quite friendly – aloof? Not in my experience!

  4. 04/07/2010 08:26

    @fernandomando – They are all vermin, evil and wrong.

    @Lena M – Well, its true, at least I don’t have a wet nose….

    @mkeeffer – Thanks…..maybe its easier to get to know people online?

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