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Turn and face the strain



There we have it, UK Plc is about to choose a new CEO.  We’ve been expecting it for a while and all we have left if four more weeks to endure before the verdict is announced.  On Friday 7 May we will know for certain unless we get a hung parliament (steady girls that’s no as exciting as it sounds)….in which case it could be months……

There are a billion bloggers out there that will cover this with much greater prowess than I will ever have and who possess a greater attention span than I w

Where was I?

Yep, I remember Lionel Messi……

My point….my point is this, UK Plc has a GDP just shy of $3 trillion, it employs 62 million people and has about 26 million locations.  That is one hell of an organisation.  If you were looking for someone to run that organisation would you choose this man.

Because it looks like a lot of people will.  I’m not going to make a party political point here, but if you were recruiting to the organisation above, would you put in place someone who’s only real experience in life is six years as the Head of Corporate Affairs for Carlton Communications.  In real speak this means he was the PR man for a TV company, kind of equivalent to having Homer’s Personal Trainer on your CV.  Given that before that he went to Eton (which costs about £30,000 per year to attend) and then Brasenose College Oxford…..well he is a true man of the people.

If I hear another mention of the phrase “time for a change” (bearing in mind this is the first day of campaigning) I may have to turn the usage of my Magimix into a dark art on a couple of random strangers just to make a point.

Change is what you do to your paint colour when bored, change is what you do when you go to one boozer rather than another, change is what I hope you do to your underwear weekly.  Change alone is not enough reason to hand the worlds sixth largest economy into the hands of a posh, ill experienced, airbrushed politician who is constantly trying to be “down with kids”.

Convince me on the policies for sure, argue with me on the facts.  But for pity’s sake, please do not propagate this crock of shit about change.

PS. myzenisotherpeople lasted a day…….it was described as “gay”…..way to go PC bird….

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  1. BJH permalink
    04/07/2010 12:24

    Three comments from me:

    1) Love the Bowie reference.
    2) I don’t disagree with you – my problem is that I wouldn’t trust any of the proposed “leaders” to run our country.
    3) I used to think it would be nice to meet you, but if you only change your underwear weekly I might pass!

  2. 04/08/2010 07:25

    @BJH – Thanks for being the lone voice on this one (note to self – don’t talk about UK politics). I was sruggling to come up with a title and then it suddenly came to me! I guess that is my point….where are the men and women of substance….where are the people with real experience?

    PS. You mean I should change them more often? Crap……

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