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Shut it up



I’ve said it many times before but I am going to say it again.  I’d love it to be the last time (as I am sure you would to) but that is about as likely as me getting called up to the advisory board of the CIPD (read UK version of SHRM). So let us be clear:

–          It doen’t matter what you call yourselves – be it Personnel Officers or HR Jedis….it’s what you do that matters

–          It doesn’t matter how you structure yourselves – be it centralised or decentralised……it’s what you do that matters

–          It doesn’t matter if you talk about talent, talk about resourcing, talk about anything….it’s what you do that matters

Shut up the noise, shut up the stupid fucking blog posts about whether HR has a future.  Shut up whingeing about how you deserve to be taken seriously.  Shut up the in fighting the bitching and the back stabbing.

Get the fuck out of the corner. Get on and do, be great, be the best you can be.

That is the only way you will rock this world.  The End.

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  1. Corporate Daycare permalink
    04/09/2010 14:49

    I am not HR – I work in HR. HR is a job. As you say, it’s what you do.

    I’m not sure about shutting up, but certainly thinking more before you speak. Oh and keep it in perspective.

    I’m all for reading up on what’s new and exciting, other people’s experiences and thoughts, but the 24/7 – all HR – all day stream in some blogs and on twitter is wearing thin. Personally, I don’t know when most of these people have time to do work (or spend with their family) with the amount of time invested in discussions on HR.

  2. 04/11/2010 03:42

    HRD – you are so fabulous!

    I’m sick of the hand-wringing, furrowed brows and angst. Shut up and get on with it.

    Whining is for babies…make a difference where you can. Go home. Come back. Do some more.

  3. 04/13/2010 08:52

    @Corporate Daycare – Indeed, I probably overstated the case in haste. My point is, we are defined by our actions not buy our thoughts. We should stop talking as a community and focus on delivery.

    @mkeeffer – Thanks Marsha. You say it so much more succinctly than I do!


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