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What I love about HR



I guess after my post yesterday, I almost feel like I need to explain myself.  I’ve been trying to evaluate what I get a kick from at work – the parts of my working life that really motivate and energize me. 

I figure that maybe understanding these I can look to find some way of brining them back into my life.

  • I love seeing an organisation grow and develop through its people
  • I love helping leaders to solve their own problems
  • I love developing interventions that really fit with an organisational culture and seem to click into place with ease
  • I love introducing a really talented person into an organisation, knowing that they will fit in and improve the overall quality within
  • I love influencing a situation through rational thinking and good reasoning
  • I love improving an organisational or team dynamic
  • I love seeing people within my team grow and develop

Simple really.  Anything else that I should add to the list? What do you love about your work that might give me inspiration?

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  1. BJH permalink
    06/08/2010 10:40

    I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I enjoy in my work, and although I’d phrase some things a little differently, most of them fall into the list you have.

    Problem solving and realising solutions is high on my list – as are things that help people grow and develop eg: coaching, mentoring.

    Another really important element of my job is that it leaves me time to have a life outside. By “time” I include “emotional time” – so that I’m not so drained or stressed that work intrudes into my head when I’m not physically at work. So, I’m not saying anything about working fewer hours – just that when I leave at the end of the day, I can do just that – leave the job behind. (Or at least only take the positive bits with me!)

  2. 06/08/2010 20:18

    I love doing everything that I do; Now I work for myself. As an L&D professional in full time employment I enjoyed it less. I choose who I work with now (without sounding arrogant I can say no to a customer whereas in employment they are my customers) I have more freedom to do what is right to create results rather than politically right for the PLC and I can enjoy my free time knowing it is my free time rather than borrowed time. It is not the change in the L&D capacity more the choice and autonomy I now have that has changed my perspective. I feel for where you are at HRD as I was in a similar place earlier this year, probably even when we met at #connectingHR – I wish to avoid any sanctimonious (spell chk please – is that right??) preaching though I must say you need to find the “fun” and the raison d’etre for working.

  3. 06/10/2010 07:18

    @BJH – I think the ability to leave work behind is one of the most overlooked keys to happiness. And with technology it is becoming harder and harder.

    @Jeremy Snell – Congratulations on the move Jeremy. If you’re coming to #connectinghr2 you must tell me all about it.

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