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What I hate about HR



So after my list yesterday of the things I love about HR, it only seems natural that  I should also flag up the things that I dislike.  Surprise, surprise  these things come quicker to my mind.  Maybe because I’ve been dwelling on them more recently, maybe because that is the way that i (we?) are.  In no particular order,

  • I hate politics that becomes self-serving and slows an organisation down
  • I hate duplicity, liars and cheats
  • I hate a lack of leadership and direction combined with an unwillingness to release control
  • I hate being called “HR”
  • I hate having to fight to make a broader contribution because people see me as “HR”
  • I hate it when people think they can have a say in everything
  • I hate HR people who think that ok… ok

Similar to yesterday really, tell me what you hate about your work….go on…..make me feel better?

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  1. Catberts evil HRD permalink
    06/09/2010 08:08

    I hate that HR is considered so high on list of areas to cut first when times get hard. Speaks to wider issue of lack of value placed on people vs looking good to shareholders. In my humble opinion, people are not divorced from performance but that is so often how the issue is looked at.

    I also hate the amount of HR consulting bullshit that exists out there, which serves only to dilute and make a mockery of the good science that is there. So much good science exists, so why are we still plagued by a shower of HR theories and idiots who keep this going by buying this crap. Grrrrrrrr….

    Finally, I dislike HRD’s who need to continually spout left wing claptrap ignoring the complete and obvious mess the last lot have left us in. Doh! 😉

  2. NotAnotherConsultant permalink
    06/09/2010 09:12

    I hate having to justify the existance of HR. The CFO never does. Everyone accepts that if you are in business you need somebody who knows about money.

    Actually I took a leaf out of his book and now I don’t bother with the justification. It works. If you are in business you need somebody who knows about people (ie the things on which you spend most of your money and the things that spend most of your money for you)

    We are supposed to be experts in how to get the people you’ve got to consistently do the things required to meet the business obejctives and if they can’t get the people that can. (within the framework of the law and ethics etc etc) That’s leadership….

    If not called HR then what? CEO? would be nice…….

  3. 06/09/2010 13:18

    Just to lighten the mood: wasn’t the ‘change’ to being recognised/known as ‘HR’ from ‘Personnel’ supposed to alleviate some of those grievances? 😉

  4. 06/10/2010 07:22

    @Catberts evil HRD – You neally got your butt kicked for not putting on a real email address, but I liked the comment so I forgave you. Left wing claptrap? Hmm….are you referring to me?

    @NotAnotherConsultant – Thanks for commenting and welcome (and for using a real email address – take note Catbert). Totally agree, I gave up trying to justify a long time ago, if you start doing that then you are on a slippery slope.

    @andsomepeople – Gah….don’t get me started on that one! Personnel, HR, Human Capital Business Partners…..grumble, grumble……

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