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That is all



I do not write a blog to make money.

I do not accept any advertising on my site.

I do not write to drive traffic.

I write about what I want, what I feel and what interests me.

I do not manipulate my comments so that half of them are either from me or my tweets.

I do not feel the need to.

Because I do not do this to make money.

I do not want to create a personal brand.

I have one already, it is called me.

If you think I swear to much. You can fuck right off. (sorry Mum! x)

I have poor grammar and spelling.

I am not a guru an expert or a motivational speaker.

You want motivation? “Get off your arse and do something”

I am not interested in reviewing or endorsing.

But if you genuinely need help, I’m there.

If you want to find me, I am in a business walking the walk  and getting it both right and wrong.

I am not sat on my arse telling you how to do it. Having never done it.

I am strong and weak. I am brave and I am fallible.

And I need this, more than it needs me.

That is all.

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  1. Alex Hens permalink
    07/15/2010 08:21

    And the bit that made me smile the most – the tag :ARSE

    Little things….


  2. 07/15/2010 08:27

    I’m Stephen O’Donnell, and I endorse this message.

  3. 07/15/2010 09:19

    to me, you are inspiration, aspiration, a thought provoker, a smile.

  4. Gary Franklin permalink
    07/15/2010 13:05

    bringing the groud up to meet those that try to fly – so well put!

  5. 07/15/2010 17:46

    All better now?

    P.S. All that’s missing from this manifesto is a minimum dose of bollocks. 😉

  6. 07/15/2010 20:45

    Your spelling and grammar aren’t bad.

  7. g-dog permalink
    07/18/2010 02:55

    Your grammar & spelling are quite good – typos are not the same thing

  8. 07/26/2010 13:23

    @Alex Hens – I was going to say, “you can’t beat a bit of arse” but I now realise how wrong that sounds…..

    @Stephen O’Donnell – Come join the sect!

    @Charlie Duff – You can come too!

    @HR Harriet – *blush*

    @Gary Franklin – Thanks Gary and thanks for your kind tweet on this too!

    @Geekette – Did I miss bollocks? Damn! I’ll put an extra dose in later this week!

    @Henry – Well thanks, but I admit to struggling with it, so maybe I hide it well?

    @g-dog – Typos are the devil’s work…..! 🙂


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