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You may remember some months back I went to the first ConnectingHR tweet up.  It was the first time that I had ventured out as TheHRD and I had a brilliant time and met lots of brilliant people.  You can read about it here. I then went to the second tweet up and again it was a great evening. You can read about that one here.

Not content to rest on their tweeting laurels, the Smashie and Nicey of the HR world are taking this further on 21 October with the launch of the inaugural ConnectingHR unConference. For those of you who don’t know what an UnConference is, Google it you lazy bastards. The event takes place on

21 October


The Spring, Vauxhall, London

You can find all about the unConference here.  And you can buy tickets here.  You can contribute to the content of the day here.

If I had one criticism so far, it is that the content at the moment is leaning more towards internal communications than HR and this is ConnectingHR not ConnectingIC.  My sense is this is because the IC community is engaging more with the debate on the use of social media in the workplace than the HR community.  Sure the uses of SM in the work place are clearer for IC but let us think a little more creatively.  If we took the employee life-cycle and stretched the imagination, where could we see social media fitting in? Performance reviews? Employee relations? Industrial disputes? Alumni?

So I’d like to the HR pros out there step to the front, to participate in the debate, to attend ConnectingHR and to show that we as a profession and you as individuals are forward thinking, creative and innovative.  The tickets are reasonably priced to cover costs and if you want to blag something from your employer, then this has to be as good value and educational as anything else out there on the market.  PLUS you get to meet lots and lots of groovy people.

But you won’t meet me.

I’ve taken the decision not to attend.  Not because I don’t support the unConference wholeheartedly, but because this anonymous/real thing just gets a little tough and distracting and as I said here, I need to go back into the shadows.

However, in adversity there is opportunity and this is where I would like to make an offer to you.  If you are an HR pro out there and if you have not been to a ConnectingHR event before I am willing to pay for a ticket for you to attend on my behalf.  Don’t get me wrong, you won’t have to be me or anything weird like that.  I’ll arrange it with Jon and Gareth and you can just rock up and attend. And then write about it afterwards. On here.

Yup I’ve never let anyone else write on here. This place is sacred.  But I’m willing to allow a complete stranger to do so. (I blame the slightly radioactive beers with @callumsaunders last night for this). So to summarise, if you are:

  • Working in HR
  •  New to ConnectingHR
  • Able to attend on 21 October
  • Willing to write a review

Get in contact with me here telling me a little bit about you and what you want to get out of it. And we can make the rest happen.

PS. I may ask for a little help in selecting the winner….

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  1. 10/06/2010 09:45

    Wow, Theo, what a great offer!

    Sorry you won’t be there though.

    And you’re right about the content – we do need to rebalance this. After all, the event theme is about HR on an increasingly social world, which is a lot bigger than just social media, and certainly social media in IC.

    And we won’t even be sticking to the theme that rigorously. For example, given that the event is taking place straight after the Spending Review announcements, I’d expect one track to focus specifically on this.

    Basically, we’ve designed it so that we’ll be able to focus on what people want to focus on. And there’ll be a lot of people there who actually aren’t much interested in social media at all.

    So we will be covering other things. And we need to ensure this is reflected on the website too.

    Best regards, Nicey!

  2. garethmjones permalink
    10/06/2010 17:49

    So im Smashie?! Cheers!

    And who said HR people cant be creative! What a great idea Theo, right off the wall. I wonder who will step up to the plate – i look forward to hearing about the deluge! 😉

    Thanks for making the effort and for the support. Both are valued very highly.



  3. Rick permalink
    10/06/2010 17:59

    Hang on a minute! I thought we were supposed to be having a punch-up/conker game/ drinking contest there.

    Not turning up won’t get you out of getting your round in!

  4. 10/07/2010 09:06

    @Jon Ingham – Great to hear Jon and hopefully more and more HR pros will engage in the debate and contribute. I hope the day goes well.

    @garethmjones – It was amongst the nicer things I could have called you 🙂 I’ll keep you updated…..

    @Rick – I’ll send your beer in the post! Sorry I’d really like to have come but I weighed everything up and it just seems not to be the best decision.

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