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O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum



This weekend left me under no illusion that Christmas is on its way to the point that I even started to dust off the old Christmas music and give it a play. The national grid went down for a while when we plugged in our lights and the Christmas cards are sat in a pile waiting for me to write them. 

We haven’t got a tree yet, mainly because Christmas is abroad this year and past experience has shown that early buying of tree leads to the return home presenting us with a seasonal stick and a floor covered in baubles and needles!  The tree for me though, is one of those rituals that I would never change.  A blaze of colour and memories, music playing and of course the obligatory domestic about whether the damned thing is straight or not. (I’m ALWAYS right on that one…..well almost).

Some people like coordination, some people like random messiness and I’m pretty sure that behind most decorated trees there is at least one story or memory.  So I want to try something….and this is one of those posts where you hold you breath, cross your fingers and pray for participation that doesn’t make you look like a total twat!

I know a lot of you already have your trees up and away because I’ve seen the photos on Twitter so I thought why not bring them together in one glittering whirlwind of all things Chrismassy and nice? So if you’ve put your tree up and you’ve taken a picture of it, how about putting it in the comment section below (you can do this via or and I’m sure other sites which allow you to copy the HTML) if it all gets too hard drop me an email and I’ll do it for you.

Here is hoping and praying…….I mean……you wouldn’t want me to be without a tree now would you? 🙂

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  1. 12/13/2010 10:01

    Ho ho ho. What a splendid idea young man. Santa has a funny feeling your sack may burst with Christmas goodies this year for spreading all this good cheer. Here’s our modest tree, beautifully decorated by Keira.

    Ho ho ho indeed.

  2. Alana Inness permalink
    12/13/2010 10:33

    Great festive idea! Bit smaller than usual this year as we’re borrowing the neighbours living tree as she’s off to LA.

  3. Cal permalink
    12/13/2010 13:54

    We got ours this weekend. The Christmas tree place is just round the corner from our place, so I lugged it home atop my shoulder, which resulted in my head being pricked by many a pine. Nevertheless, the end result was worth the scratches I now bear:

  4. MrAirmiles permalink
    12/13/2010 13:58

    As Delia would say: here’s a tree I made earlier

    Real one to follow sometime this week…

  5. 12/13/2010 18:30

    Here you go. The O’Donnell tree, fully loaded.

  6. 12/13/2010 20:39

    This is a delightful post! We’re skipping the Christmas decorations at our house this year as well. Love looking at everyone’s pictures.

  7. 12/14/2010 08:43

    @Doug Shaw – Well done Keira! Is she available Staurday!?!

    @Alanna Inness – I think you got a raw deal there! LA or Xmas tree…..!

    @Cal – I would have paid to see that……

    @MrAirmiles – That made me chuckle….thanks!

    @Stephen O’Donnell – Thanks Stephen!

    @Sharlyn Lauby – 🙂 Less to clean up right?

  8. Robin Schooling permalink
    12/14/2010 16:49

    Merry Christmas (tree) x2 from Louisiana! Now to get the presents wrapped to place underneath…..

  9. MrAirmiles permalink
    12/14/2010 21:52

    Here it is – the real xmas tree:

  10. 12/15/2010 08:51

    @Robin Schooling – I’m coming to your house for Christmas. It looks great!

    @MrAirmiles – Don’t hold back on those decorations now will you?!? 🙂

  11. 12/15/2010 09:39

    O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum, wie gruen sind deine Blaetter….

    Here is mine!

  12. 01/04/2011 08:19

    @Alison Chisnell – Thanks Alison…..looking good!


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