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URGENT Recruitment breakthrough!


There have been a number of posts on HR blogs recently about recruitment techniques, recruitment technology and poor quality CVs.

Then I read this.

It appears we are all being duped and have no successful way of attracting, measuring or selecting.

So I am calling on all my fellow HR and business colleagues to stop what you are doing today and introduce sumo suit wrestling as the only reliable and flawless way of selecting….winner stays on!


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  1. Henry Berry permalink
    06/04/2009 11:20

    HRD much as I love you it's your own fault. Stop asking for boring old CV's and you may just stop attracting boring old drongos. Do something radically more original for your recruitment and you will not only make yourself loved and famous in the HR community, you'll pan out the nuggets of gold much quicker. And it'll make your Company and "employer brand" (whatever that is) more loved and appreiated and you will be entertained along the way. Sumo suits may be a start. I doubt it. 4/10. See me, HRD.

  2. Corporate Daycare permalink
    06/04/2009 16:59

    HRD – Hmmm…I don't think the amount of people lying on their CVs has increased with the recession. I think the amount of people willing to admit they are doing this (and blame it on the recession) has.

    The Sumo suit is a good start, but the potential for candidate discrimination is high.

    Alternative? A version of reality-tv's Survivor where you pit candidates against one another, allowing them to compete in ridiculous challenges and then vote on who gets to stay. To be eligible, candidates must submit a video audition proving why they should be your next scanning technician (or which ever post you are trying to fill).

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