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When negotiations turn sour…….


IDIOT: No offence………but I need to talk to the organ grinder and not the monkey.

HRD: (After a pause and a pretend phone call). Right I’ve spoken to the organ grinder and……“no offence”…..they think you only warrant the monkey.

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  1. Sayya26 permalink
    10/13/2009 12:22

    I'd punch that idiot in the da face…

  2. class-factotum permalink
    10/13/2009 13:07

    Yes, because the first thing they teach you in Negotiation School is that the best way to win is to insult the person across from you.

  3. Corporate Daycare permalink
    10/13/2009 17:10

    'm wondering where this person thought that this clever analogy was going to get him/her?

    Great retort.

  4. teresahrgirl permalink
    10/13/2009 19:36

    *sign.. I'm guessing union rep?

  5. Ministry of truth permalink
    10/14/2009 08:03

    Idiot: Okay, I'll go speak to my members who create the organ grinders profits and the money to pay the monkey's wages and tell them we "only warrant the monkey".

  6. HRD permalink
    10/14/2009 10:47

    @Sayya – Rise above it, that's my motto!
    @class-factotum – Indeed, I think they went to a different school of negotiation to you and I!
    @Corporate Daycare – It got them into my bad books, that's for sure.
    @teresahrgirl – You win!
    @Ministry of Truth – Welcome and thanks for your comment. Surely that doesn't grant people a license to be aggressive and impolite?

  7. Ministry of truth permalink
    10/14/2009 14:06

    No, I agree that is no excuse for impoliteness or agressiveness.

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