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Show me the money


It’s an HR nightmare……………..

Imagine if the top 100 people within your organisation had their salaries and business expenses published. Then, imagine if they were published online.

If you work for the venerable BBC, the nightmare has just become a reality. You can now go online and see the salaries and detailed business expenses here.

I’ve had a dig around my colleagues in HR and believe me they better be HR ninjas for the amount some of them are on. I’m talking gold plated performance management systems and diamond encrusted talent management programmes……

But to be fair, they probably have their work cut out getting anyone to do anything just at the moment, other than surf the net and bitch about how much their bosses are earning.

And remember……they are doing it all out of public money!

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  1. 11/25/2009 18:28

    This just happened several months ago in my county in California – county workers have had their salaries made public…no changes at this time, but I’m sure people check the database and experience a rise in their blood pressure.

  2. 11/26/2009 09:04

    @mkeeffer – Thanks for the comment. Yep blood pressure and indignation. A mighty combination! Plus, in the case of the BBC, I imagine their competitors are pretty chuffed as well. No bluffing about earnings in interviews anymore!

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