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Singing, Sheep and Osama bin Laden (not necessarily all together)


“I’m all about that people”. Jeez don’t you just hate that? Even worse, “I’m a people person”. Ohh really? I’m more of a sheep person myself……….

What actually does it mean to be a people person? What differentiates them from someone who is not a people person? I imagine Hitler was probably a pretty good people person. He certainly managed to galvanise and influence, he managed to motivate and inspire. As for Osama Bin Laden… many followers does he have?

A true people person…… My experience is that anyone who describes themselves as a people person is normally the subject of sustained ribbing from behind the photocopiers. It’s the business equivalent of saying you have a good voice. If you have a good voice you don’t need to say it. If you’re saying it you are probably proving you are tone-deaf. People with good voices (and I’m guessing here having been told once that I had a voice that “turned heads” – and not in a good way) are always trying to improve and are more critical of the talents than anyone else.

“People person” is one of those generic statements that means so little but tells you so much about the person using it. Do we all have the same definition? Do we all mean the same thing? What essential skills would you say make a “people person”?

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  1. 11/16/2009 14:58

    Yes! Like smart people usually don’t need to announce that they are smart.

    If you are a sheep person, I hope that the crowbar joke does not apply.

    I like your new site.

  2. 11/17/2009 12:42

    @class-factotum – Thank you kindly. Still a work in progress, but we’ll see how it develops. As for sheep, it’s mor to do with velcro coated trousers…….

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