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Overleaping the mark


Yep, its a recession and I know that everyone is trying to find ways of making their next buck.

I’m a great believer in ingenuity, in entrepreneurial flair, in people going the extra mile.

But there is the extra mile and there is too far. Way too far………

This little beauty came into my sweaty little hands from a friend who had received it at work.

The names have been removed to protect the innocent……

N.B. I should add that this was a genuine pitch by the individual involved

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  1. Sayya26 permalink
    09/17/2009 13:14

    Oh. my. Goodness. Words fail me right now…WTH man?? How do you DEAL with something like that? I'd toss it and act as though I never saw it….wow…

  2. 09/17/2009 16:13

    Maybe it's because I'm a brit, but I think this is hilarious. Not hilarious enough that I would finance his book tho….

  3. class-factotum permalink
    09/17/2009 17:57

    Hilarious in a Oh God please don't be working in the cubicle next to me. Or in the same building as me.

  4. Fernandomando permalink
    09/17/2009 20:44

    What's wrong with that? Sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

  5. HRD permalink
    09/21/2009 07:41

    @Sayya – It's indeed one of the most surprising ideas I've heard in quite a while! That said, from a British point of view, your comment that you'd "….toss it and act as though I never saw it…." given the subject matter had me in hysterics!

    @FG – My wallet will not be letting out the moths on this particular occasion

    @class-factotum – I think you're safe. But you remember that mad guy you met in the pub in England…..

    @Fernando – I'll put you in contact!

  6. Sayya26 permalink
    09/22/2009 20:04

    *gasp* oh my! I had NO idea that's what that term meant…..whoops! talk about culture shock/clash…geez…

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