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Ohhhh……the iPhones connected to the WIFI….



Well, what can I say.  Last night so the arrival and passing of Connecting HR Deux (This time it’s serious…..) In no particular order, these things happened……

  • I met chief sticker boy and all round social networking ninja, Callum Saunders. “Hey Cal, who have we got here tonight?” I asked (I’d studied the guest list. I mean……I really had studied it) only to hear the reply, “Quite a lot of people that weren’t on the list….” *groan*
  • I talked to Abi Signorelli about introverts and extroverts on the interweb.  I’m right she, is wrong.  I just need her to admit that.  Abi…..admit it.  Abi also took a photo of my shoes.  You can see them here.  It’s not because she is small……I think she was making a point.
  • Talking of small…..I also  met Charlie Duff.  If there is anyone out there who wants a handy pocket-sized journalist (useful for when you are out and about) she is your lady.  Although she left her very big bright red handbag by my feet which did lead to a little confusion amongst innocent bystanders……come to think of it, maybe it was her sleeping bag….
  • Carrying on the theme of journalists, it was also great to catch up with Rob Moss again.  For those of you who don’t know, Rob now is Personnel Today……  I apologised for my comments on the last post (here) which I understand were instrumental in their decision to pull the mag.
  • Gary Franklin is a bear of a man.  A bear wearing a tie.  I’m thinking Yogi. Gary – I didn’t say anything…..but if you ever shake my hand like that again….I’m suing.  These fingers…..they feed my kids……you hear me?
  • When I wrote about saying sorry yesterday, I significantly altered the life of a man I have never met.  Louise Triance (who I warmed to immensely and will now be my new best friend whether she likes it or not) phoned her husband-to-be and apologised for “being a bitch”……so Mr. Whateveryournameis….you owe me one….I’m sending you my wife’s mobile number……and she bites……
  • Matt Alder has more hair than both Michael Carty and I.  This makes him happy.  This doesn’t stop him looking like a TV presenter from a regional news channel.
  • The CIPD were there. I didn’t talk to them.  They didn’t talk to me.  It was like going to a party and seeing someone who you’ve slept with and then broken up messily.  Call me?  I still have feelings for you…….we can work this one out……

And of course there were numerous other people all of whom were genuinely nice.  In fact I didn’t meet one person I wanted to punch.  Don’t get me wrong, there were people there I wanted to punch. I just didn’t meet them.

Thanks to the pantomime villains Jon Ingham and Gareth Jones.  Who excelled themselves once again….and allowed live broadcast of tweets…..which are here.

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  1. Mr E permalink
    06/25/2010 09:45

    You call them shoes? HRD, think not. More… HRM, at best. 😉

  2. 06/25/2010 12:58

    I’ve got a journo stalking me don’t you know. I don’t need you giving out any more personal details thank you very much. I’m going to have to ask Mr Whateveryournameis to change his surname now as a result of your post

  3. BJH permalink
    06/25/2010 13:03

    I wondered why I’d stopped receiving Personnel Today … I just thought they’d knocked me off their free subs list.

  4. Abi permalink
    06/25/2010 16:19

    No chance, I’m never wrong 🙂

  5. Rick permalink
    06/25/2010 18:23

    Damned shame I missed it. Sounds like a good evening. Did someone really come in and pee on the floor or was that a wind up?

    I’ll make sure I’m there next time.

  6. 06/28/2010 08:16

    @Mr E – I was in disguise! 🙂

    @Louise Triance – I’m sure the powers that be at #connecting HR can find you a safe house!

    @BJH – No, it is no more. Well I think it might have one farewell edition coming up.

    @Abi – Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong……. 🙂

    @Rick – Sadly yes I am told it was true, although I had left by that point. Suffice to say that the person in question was not attending the event but I believe had been at the pub upstairs for some time…….


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