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TheHRD revealed



Friday last saw the unveiling of the results of a poll carried out by Xpert HR Employment Intelligence  revealing the “Top Six blogs for 2010”.  I was astounded and much honoured to find myself ranking third, sandwiched between Laurie and Sharlyn, a situation that has only ever occurred before in the dark recesses of my mind on a cold,wet and lonely Friday night.  As well as providing me with the opportunity to unleash some slightly dodgy jokes about fellow bloggers, the poll was, of course, also proof that having a large family does indeed have its upsides…..if any of you (other than my family) clicked through and voted for me then I thank you kindly.

Also in the top six (why six I wonder….a reference to six of the best….is Michael Carty the author ex Public School? Michael we are here for you….) are Rick from Flipchart Fairytales and Jon Ingham from Strategic HCM.  I mention these two specifically because tonight they will also be attending the London HR Tweet Up this evening (along with a host of other lovely people). 

Surprisingly I will be present aswell. 

I say surprising because this poses me some obvious difficulties.  Since I started this blog I have always worked under the name TheHRD, I don’t do it for some wanky brand building or a sense of over importance.  I started because I wanted to be able to write what I wanted  without any implications for my organisation or my employment with that organisation (I’ve got two little HRDs to feed goddamit!).  Over time, I’ve just got used to having two “lives” very few people know both my identities and they are people who I trust either because they are friends from before or because they understand the implications for me.

When Jon initial mentioned the possibility of attending, I replied that it put me in some what of a quandary in terms of my identity.  His response that I should wear a disguise was neither helpful nor indeed intended seriously.  I know that Rick has the same issues, although at least he can introduce himself as Rick, what do I use, “The”?  Since starting blogging I have been to other events as the real me, but that is easy, I just lose TheHRD bit and bob along in the real world (although bless the person that I met not so long ago that mentioned I should read the blog myhellisotherpeople because “it’s really funny”….).

I’ve thought long and hard about what to do, I’ve been advised not to go by people looking out for me.  But when did I ever follow anyones advice?  So tonight, for the first time I will be appearing as TheHRD but with the real me in tow.  I’m kind of hopeful that no one knows me from my real life and we can all get along fine, but I’ll make sure I have my running shoes on to make a swift exit just in case.

There are still 6 places left as of this morning, so if you want to see a man dealing awkwardly with his schism there is still time to sign up.  But if you do sign up or you already have signed up and you find that you know me, you have a choice…..keep your counsel or rohypnol… get what I’m saying?

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  1. 03/29/2010 09:44

    Thanks for the mention of my “Top six HR blogs” post.

    State school-educated, I’m afraid, so any corporal punishment references were unintentional. Which means I missed a screamingly obvious “HR blogs: six of the best” headline opportunity there!

    I trust your anonymity will be preserved at tonight’s Masque of The[H]R[ed]D[eath] (

    Kind regards


  2. 03/29/2010 16:45

    Congrats on the honor. Most deserving!

    And P.S. thanks for the mention. 😉 Too funny!

  3. 03/29/2010 16:45

    Ha! An interesting conundrum that I’ve also pondered before. Anyway, if I were attending, I’d have fun identifying you based your reaction to my saying “Bollocks”. 🙂 I say stick with HRD-as-name onstage and feel free to stick with it offstage or introduce yourself by first only/first+middle/first+last name if inclined during conversations.

    Enjoy the event!

  4. Lena M. permalink
    03/29/2010 23:53

    Congrats, HRD!

    I already knew about your blog and twitter… But then again… You do know I have my sources!!

    If you really, really want to go unnoticed, you can borrow my FB name… I mean… It kind of helped me get rid of tons of unwanted contacts… LOL!!

    How did the event go??? Do tell!!!

  5. 03/30/2010 07:51

    Great to meet you last night. Shame you have to wear a mask, HRD; I bet you’re really handsome.

  6. 03/30/2010 09:10

    Many congratulations on your very deserved win. In a way, though, you can’t help it. Interesting is in your DNA. With love and chilli oil, HB.

  7. Corporate Daycare permalink
    03/30/2010 22:51

    Congratulations – well deserved!

    I can only imagine having to make the decision and I’m glad it’s you an not me.

  8. G-dog permalink
    03/31/2010 00:45

    Congratulations! Now – the big question – why is “rohypnol” one of the tags for this post? Does this mean there was some untoward behavior leveraged to garner this honor??

  9. 03/31/2010 07:52

    @Michael Carty – Maybe these are subconscious urges? There are people who can help!

    @Sharlyn Lauby – Congratulations to you too……glad you see the funny side!

    @Geekette – I was most refined thank you! But made up for it in my recent post…..oops!

    @LenaM – I can only cope with two identities….three would be fucked up!

    @Dominic Wake – Normally I welcome people to the blog….but….. 🙂

    @Henry Berry – Thanks, I really appreciate that feedback….chilli oil….we should do lunch!

    @Corporate Daycare – Thank you…..well, everyone was really nice, so I think I did the right thing….for now!

    @G-dog – How very dare you! No judges were permanently damaged in the rigging of the poll……although if any of them wonder why they have a headache…..

  10. thuy permalink
    04/02/2010 21:37

    HRD, too bad that you’re not here in the States! I would be the first to sign up to meet the “man dealing awkwardly with his schism”.. lol
    Congrats on the blog mention too btw.. I truly enjoy your blog.

  11. 04/06/2010 07:53

    @thuy – Thank you so much….the schism was outed but is still intact!

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